Porsche Boxster S 987.2 (2010)

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DFI 3.4 – 6 cylinder naturally aspirated


310 hp

Caja de Cambios

Manual, 6 speed


52.500 km



Dueños hasta hoy

Three owners, current and two previous





IVA deducible



Yes, after contacting DeliCARtessen

The Story

The Porsche Boxster, since it appeared in the market in the year 1996, has had four generations named with internal codes 986 (1996-2004), 987 (2005-2012), 981 (2012-2016) and 718 (2016 -).

The second generation, which is the one that concerns us today, remained in production from 2006 to 2012 and received a thorough restyling in 2009. This update had many changes, among which was an improvement of the engine, increasing the displacement and power from 2.7 liter (245 hp) to 2.9 liter (255 hp) for the normal Boxster model, and from 3.2 (295 hp) to 3.4 (310 hp) for the Boxster S, which incorporated a new direct injection system.

In addition, the option of an automatic dual-clutch transmission called PDK (Porsche-Doppelkupplungsgetriebe) of 7 ratios was now included as an option to the manual gearbox that now carried 6 relations. Slight aesthetic changes were carried out both in the front and rear optics and a new emergency braking system, double xenon headlights with curved lighting and a new navigation system were added.

The unit that we present today for sale on DeliCARtessen, was ordered from the factory and delivered to its first owner in the Porsche Zentrum Aachen, official Porsche dealer near Cologne (Germany) in April 2010, so it corresponds to a unit within this group of vehicles that already had the improvements introduced from the restyling.

The Boxster Spyder S model was chosen, with the Boxer engine of 6 cylinders and 3.4 liters of displacement that gives 310 hp, together with a 6-speed manual gearbox. It was chosen in a CARRARAWEISS white color, in combination with an elegant and timeless black leather for the interior.

The complete list of equipment, as well as the corresponding codes, is:

  • LB9A B4 – Exterior color in Carraraweiss Porsche
  • XLF – Sports exhaust
  • XLS – Sports exhaust mufflers
  • 288 – Headlight washer
  • 342 – Heated seats
  • 375 and 376 – Electric sports seats
  • 404 – 19” Wheels 997 Turbo 3.6 Look
  • 424 – CD changer
  • 440 – Antenna in the windshield
  • 475 – PASM (Active Suspension)
  • 490 – A.S.K. sound system
  • 534 – 433 MHz alarm
  • 551 – Wind deflector
  • 573 – Automatic climate control
  • 584 – Storage box in engine cover
  • 603 – PDLS (Porsche Dynamic Light System) – Curved lighting
  • 605 – LED daytime running lights
  • 610 – Satellite Navigation on DVD – Europe
  • 621 – 12V socket on co-pilot seat
  • 635 – Rear parking assist
  • 665 – PCM 3 – Multimedia entertainment system with touch screen
  • 666 – Phone module for PCM
  • 672 – Voice control
  • 810 – Floor mats
  • 870 – Universal multimedia interface
  • 983 – Leather seats

The car was acquired and registered by its first owner in April 2010, who owned it for 7 years and 4 months. According to its current owner, the car was registered during all this time in a special modality available in Germany that consists of a circulation permit that enables its use exclusively during the summer months. This temporary permit, in addition to being a cheaper option, frees its owner of the obligation to have a second set of winter tires.

In August 2017, the car is purchased directly from its first owner by its second owner who imported and registered it in Spain, personally carrying out the procedures.

In June 2018, its second owner sells the car and it passes into the hands of a good friend, who is his third and current owner and who offers it for sale today.

Its owner has sent us a multitude of invoices and documentation of the car. The main milestones of its maintenance history are, in chronological order:

  • In March 2012, with 13.671 km, the first maintenance service was carried out at an official Porsche dealer Porsche Zentrum Aachen.
  • In December 2012, with 20.300 km, a technical inspection of the vehicle is performed at the German TUV
  • In July 2014, with 26.715 km on its clock, a full maintenance is carried out at the official Porsche Sportwagen GmbH Donautal dealer , where they perform an inspection and replacement of spark plugs and transmission belts, oil change, filters, brake fluid and coolant.
  • In March 2015, a technical inspection is performed in a DEKRA center, registering 28.021 km.
  • In March 2017, a technical inspection of the vehicle is performed in Germany (TUV), where they recorded 34.456 km traveled.
  • In May 2017, with 34.801 km, a full maintenance was carried out at the official Porsche Sportwagen Zentrum Inntal GmbH dealer in Raubling (Germany). During this maintenance, the brake fluid, spark plugs, transmission belts, all filters, oil and coolant are changed.
  • In August of 2017, it is imported to Spain and its first ITV is registered prior to its registration, registering 37.795 km on the clock.
  • In September 2017, the owner purchased a set of original Porsche wheels, measuring 8 × 18 for the front axle, and 9 × 18 for the rear axle.
  • In March 2018 a water-repellent protector is applied to the canvas hood.
  • In June 2018, the car was given an oil and filters change service, in which the mileage is not reflected at that moment.

From the mechanical point of view, the car is in an excellent condition, according to the low mileage it has. The engine turns round and full through all the revs and the power is delivered in a forceful and progressive way, without any gaps or strange noises. The transmission changes gear precisely and smoothly. No knocks or noises are heard in this operation. The clutch shows no signs of wear in any gear.

Additionally, being a unit of 2010, this model already comes with the known problem of the IMS bearing completely resolved, which provides ease of mind.

The car comes equipped with Michelin PilotSport PS2 tires in 235/40 R18 95Y on the front axle, and Michelin PilotSport PS2 XL in size 265/40 R18 101Y on the rear axle. The tires were installed in October 2017, when the car had approximately 40.000 km, so they are still in good condition, having a lot of use ahead.

Both brake discs and pads, are those of origin on both axles, but do not present a marked wear which gives indications of the light use that the vehicle has had since its fabrication.


The state of the bodywork and paint of the car, as well as the general state of the vehicle is IMPECCABLE. It does not show any impact or any mark on any panel, and the paint is seen in perfect condition, with a lot of shine and softness to the touch.

Although we do not have documentary evidence, it is believed that the painting is original on all of its panels, after carrying out checks with a paint thickness gauge. Additionally, both the body and the rims have a ceramic coating applied of 9H hardness.

The state of the interior is magnificent. The leather has no tears nor any discoloration on any seat, dashboard, control, steering wheel or upholstery of the doors. Everything inside is perfectly functional and in perfect condition.

The condition of the canvas hood, and its operation, is equally impeccable. The car remains strictly standard, without any modification in the bodywork or in its interior, except for the 18 inch wheels that it equips. The 19″ Turbo-Look wheels with which the vehicle left the factory are delivered together with the car.


After reviewing the car carefully, we could not find any point that could be considered “to improve” on this car. Its condition is EXCELLENT.

We could only comment that, and from a total and completely subjective point of view, the car would probably gain from the aesthetically with the 19” rims and tires with which it left the factory. Although we have to agree with its current owner that this would probably penalize other issues that are improved by equipping 18″ tires.


From the legal point of view, as can be verified in the report extracted from the DGT that will be delivered to the buyer, the vehicle is perfectly legal for circulation. It does not show any issues. The mileage readings carried out in the ITV, have not been compared with the report extracted from the DGT, since there are no millage readings on this report, but with the original invoices part of the documents that come from Germany.


When Porsche renewed the 987 model, introducing above all the PDK transmission, this had good acceptance in the market, and the bulk of sales of the Boxster models of the time were done with this automatic double clutch transmission.

That is why, today, it is not easy to find units equipped with a manual transmission, and above all, with such low mileage and in a state as outstanding as the unit that we present for sale here today.

We think that, due to its state of preservation, equipment, history of use and maintenance, mileage and price, this is an excellent unit for those who enjoy the pure reactions of driving in a car with such a sporty character, with a very unusual configuration of 6-cylinder boxer engine in central position, manual transmission and convertible.

If we add to this the quality of construction to which we are accustomed by Porsche, this 987 Boxster S is undoubtedly a complete product that will leave its new and fortunate owner very satisfied.

We leave you with a video of an interview made to the current owner combined with images of this unit. After that you can find an extensive collection of photographs.

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