Porsche 911 996.1 Carrera (2001)

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by DGonzalez


Signs of a classic


WLS 3.4 – Naturally aspirated 6 cylinders


300 hp


132.000 km


Automatic, 5 speed





Owners until now

Four owners, current and three previous

Body Style




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The Story

In the year 1997, Porsche presented the new generation of its legendary 911 model, the Porsche with internal code 996. Its introduction in the market was not without controversy. Up until that point, every evolution of the Porsche 911 had been exactly that, an evolution or improvement. But with the introduction of the 996, Porsche for the first time redesigned from scratch both body and engine.

Although the exterior design maintained the master lines of the model and was easily recognizable, it was harshly criticized for the front optics. Although where most criticism was received, was with the selection of the engine, introducing for the first time a 6-cylinder boxer engine cooled by water, abandoning the traditional air cooling of the brand.

Over the years, the Porsche 996 model has progressively and slowly changed the perception of many fans, earning the usual respect and admiration for the cars manufactured by the Stuttgart brand.

The unit we present here is a first generation 911 996 (996.1) Carrera with a Tiptronic automatic transmission that currently has 132.000 km on the clock.

The car was manufactured and delivered to its first owner in Stuttgart (Germany), in August 2001. It was ordered to the factory in metallic blue (lapisblau-met), in combination with a completely in gray leather interior. The car is equipped with a 300cv 6-cylinder boxer 3.4 engine, combined with a 5-speed automatic sequential Tiptronic gearbox with steering wheel paddles.

In August of 2002, the car is imported to Spain, with 20.733 km on the clock, and its owner keeps it (In Madrid) until March of 2013. A few months earlier, and according to the information of the ITV that the owner just passed, the car had 105.550 km on the clock at that time.

In June 2013, the car was bought by its third owner, also in Madrid, who kept it until 2016, doing its maintenance in the Porsche specialist Altozano. During this period, the car registered two visits to the ITV, marking 115.000 km in 2014 and 123.000 km in 2016.

In the year 2017, the current owner of the car decides to create a company in Madrid offering rentals of “special” vehicles at a reasonable price and improving on the services that are usually offered by traditional rental companies.

This car is part of the small fleet with which they started this adventure, and that today, unfortunately has come to an end. The reason for the sale, therefore, is the liquidation of stock to close the activity of the company.

In April 2017, the car is bought by its current owner with 126.000 km on the clock, as shown on the purchase invoice that the owner has shown us. Given that it currently marks just over 132.000 km, it is obvious that it has not received a very intensive use for the activity for which it was acquired.

Attached we show the history of rentals that affect this Porsche 911, with the commitment on the part of the owner to expand information to potential buyers in case it is requested. It is the owner’s intention to be absolutely transparent with the sale of the cars. In this mentioned information it can be verified that the vehicle has been rented only in 8 occasions.

The complete list of equipment, as well as its corresponding codes, is:

  • C00 – Car manufactured for Germany
  • XSC – Porsche logo stitched on the headrests
  • XX1 – Stitched floormats
  • 139 and 340 – Heated seats
  • 249 – Automatic transmission
  • 288 – Headlight cleaners
  • 413 – 18” alloy wheels – 993 Turbo Look
  • 432 – Gear shift on the steering wheel using buttons
  • 436 – 3-spoke sports steering wheel
  • 437 and 438 – Electric seats
  • 454 – Cruise Control
  • 476 – PSM (Electronic stability control)
  • 490 – Sound system
  • 537 – Memory of the driver’s seat
  • 567 – Green stripe on the windshield
  • 601 – Litronic headlights (Xenon)
  • 650 – Electric sunroof
  • 659 – Trip computer
  • 662 – PCM-1 Radio Cassette with phone and satnav module
  • 663 – Telephone handset
  • 692 – Becker 6 CD changer
  • 939 – Leather rear seats
  • 981 – Panels and center console lined in leather
  • 982 – Leather-lined front seats

From the mechanical point of view, the car is in good condition. The engine turns steady, has a good sound and delivers its power fully all through the rev range. The gearbox changes gears smoothly and without errors. No knocks or noises are heard in this operation.

The car has the official maintenance book stamped at official Porsche dealerships, until 2014 when it had 115.000 km. After that date, a service was performed in an unofficial dealer at 126.700 km, and additionally, its owner has sent us maintenance bills made on the car during the year 2017, such as the replacement of the gas pump and changing of the coolant.

We have no proof that the IMS bearing has been replaced throughout the car’s life.

From the bodywork point of view, although the car would need light polishing to be perfect, it looks pretty good. It does not show blows or dents of importance, although it should be noted at this point that the front bumper showed a slightly more severe damage at the time of the photographs, which has been completely fixed in the Automotires workshop (Ajalvir, Madrid). They have carried out an impeccable repair job. We will add some photos to the gallery showing both its final state and some without the bumper mounted, where it can be seen that the car has not suffered any structural damage in the front area.

The rims are perfect without showing any scratch or damage.

The car is fitted with Bridgestone Potenza S001 tires on both axles, measuring 225/40 R18 for the front axle, and 265/35 R18 for the rear axle.

The tires are in good condition, both visually as can be noticed by the car’s handling. On neither axle the mark that indicates the legal limit of circulation has been exceeded. The front set dates from 2015, and the rear set dates back to 2014. On the rear, there is a slightly more pronounced wear on the inside of the tire.

The front discs and brake pads are practically new, as we have been able to see. This fact is validated with the invoice that the owner has sent us justifying the change. The rear discs show wear and still have about 30-40% lifespan.

We identified the following defects to take into consideration:

  • Inside, some pieces of plastic show areas that have lost the paint as a result of friction and daily use. Especially in areas with a lot of use, such as in the central zone or around the ignition.
  • The Radio Cassette player that integrates phone, satnav and audio equipment has a failure on the motherboard according to a report requested from Porsche Ibérica. At present it does not allow its operation, neither for the audio equipment, nor for the phone or satnav, but its owner tells us that the car will be delivered to its new owner with this problem completely solved and the radio fully operational.

After checking the reports of the DGT and Carfax, it can be confirmed that the story provided by the seller matches perfectly with the records of both reports, and different mileage records can be seen that suggest that it has not been tempered with.

From the legal point of view, the car is perfectly suitable to circulate, ITV is in force and does not indicate that it has charges or claims.

Finally, we show you a video of the car starting and accelerating so that its sound and its correct operation can be appreciated.

We believe that this unit, by general condition, mileage and price is a good opportunity to enjoy an authentic Porsche in your garage. Additionally, as is usual in Porsche products, these cars lose value over time at a slower pace than other contemporary competitors.

Particularly, in the case of the 996 models, it seems that their minimum value has already been reached in recent years, and the trend observed in the market is upward, so it can be a reasonable investment opportunity.

The vehicle can be seen and tested in Madrid, contacting its owner. You can find its contact information at the beginning of the article.

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