BMW Z3 1.9i Roadster E36/7 (2002)

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by DGonzalez

Sold for: 8.000

Cheap and fun


M43B19 – 1895 cc – 4 cylinder naturally aspirated


118 hp


Manual, 5 speed




112.000 km

Owners until now

Four owners, current and three previous

Body Style






The Story

BMW produced its Z3 Roadster model between 1995 and 2002 with different 4 and 6 cylinders petrol engines (no diesel) and in several versions. In 1999, a restyling was carried out in which the model received some changes. The main changes that the colloquially called “POST Version” received were:

  • Aesthetic changes on the outside, such as wider fenders on the rear axle, inclusion of a third brake light on the boot and rear lights in an “L” shaped design.
  • Interior aesthetic changes, such as a redesign of the buttons in the center console or the inclusion of an analogue clock in the middle.
  • New hood with three overlapping layers that improve acoustic and thermal insulation.
  • Inclusion of side airbags.
  • etc.

From the engine point of view, BMW adjusted its range with the restyling of 1999, eliminating the 115 hp 1.8l engine and replacing it with the 1.9l M43B19 or TU (Technical Updates) engine that offered 118 hp (practically the same) but improving the torque values.

The unit that we present here today at DeliCARtessen, equips this 1.9 M43 engine with 4 cylinders and 118 hp, in combination with a Getrag 250 manual gearbox. Accustomed to the modern power standards, the 118 hp may seem scarce, but the reality is that we have found it to be enough to move this body with “joy”.

The car was ordered and delivered to its first owner in Barcelona, in September of the year 2002. It was ordered to the factory in red (hellrot-II), in combination with a black leather interior.

In November 2006, the car changes its owner who has it in its possession until April 2007. In July of the same year, traffic registered financial and / or administrative burdens on the vehicle.

The car passes to its fourth and current owner in May 2017, in Madrid. Prior to this last name change, the car registered five visits to the ITV showing a very occasional use between the years 2012 and 2016. (5.000 km in 5 years).

EIn the year 2017, the current owner of the car decides to create a company in Madrid offering rentals of “special” vehicles at a reasonable price and improving on the services that are usually offered by traditional rental companies.

This car is part of the small fleet with which they started this adventure, and that today, unfortunately has come to an end. The reason for the sale, therefore, is the liquidation of stock to close the activity of the company.

Interestingly enough, this BMW Z3 was available to customers during this time, but was not rented even once. There is a commitment on the owner’s part to expand information to potential buyers in case it is requested. It is the owner’s intention to be absolutely transparent with the sale of the cars.

In the same way, we can inform that at the time of purchase the car marked 111.500 km on the clock, as appears on the purchase invoice that its owner has given us. Currently it marks a bit over 112.000 km, which indicates the practically zero use that has been given to the car in this final period.

The complete list of equipment is:

  • Car manufactured for the Spanish market
  • Electronic stability control DSC-III
  • Front airbags for driver and passenger
  • Side airbags for driver and passenger
  • Sports leather steering wheel
  • Alloy 16 inch wheels, “Type 29”
  • Interior chrome line
  • Hardtop in body color (HellRot II)
  • Electrical canvas hood, in black
  • Anti-roll protection system
  • Velor floor mats
  • Front fog lights
  • Smoking package
  • Air conditioner
  • White turn signals
  • Main battery switch

In addition to the list of built-in extras, the car includes a high quality Alpine CDA-9855R Radio-CD, and a Parrot bluetooth hands-free kit included in the price.

From the mechanical point of view, the car is in very good condition. As indicated by its owner, and we have been able to verify this, the engine turns round and full in all its range and the power is delivered progressively and without gaps. No clearance, bumps or noises are seen or heard in the manual gearbox, offering a very pleasant touch.

We do not have documentary evidence of the car’s maintenance, although its current owner informs us (and gives us an invoice that documents this) that the car is up to date with fluids and filters, which was carried out in a trustworthy repair shop with 111.576 km on the clock (May 2017)

From the paint and bodywork point of view, the car is in exceptional condition, without showing bumps or dents of any kind. The paint offers a spectacular shine and is in an impeccable condition, both on the body and the hardtop included in the price.

We have checked that the anchoring and opening / closing systems of both the canvas electric top and the hard top are perfectly operational and functional. In motion, the car does not have any unusual noise coming from that area. The canvas hood folds and unfolds quickly, and the canvas in an impeccable condition, without any cracks or patches.

The car is fitted with Michelin Pilot Primacy tires on the front axle measuring 225/50 R16. On the rear axle, it mounts Michelin Primacy HP of the same size (225/50 R16).

All tires are in good condition, both visually and grip wise. The front tires date from 2006, and the rear ones date from 2009, which gives us an assessment of the low activity that the car has had in the last 10 years.

The brake pads are in good condition, as well as the discs.

We appreciate only one defect to take into account:

  • The pieces of plastics that hold the seat belts into place have quite obviously been repaired in a not very effective way.

After checking the reports of the DGT and Carfax, it can be confirmed that the information provided by the seller lines up perfectly with the records of both reports, and different mileage records can be found that suggest that the clock count has not been manipulated.

Legally, the car is perfectly suitable to drive on the public road; the ITV is in effect and does not indicate anywhere that the car has any charges or repossessions.

We believe that this car is, for its general condition, mileage and price, a very interesting unit if you are looking for a small roadster with excellent fuel economy, with a robust and reliable engine, very reasonable maintenance costs and which additionally provides a high dose of fun at the steering wheel.

The vehicle can be seen and tested in Madrid, contacting directly with the owner. You can find its contact information at the beginning of the article.

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