BMW M5 E60 (2005)

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by Julio

Price: 26.500

High-Speed Train

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S85 – 4999 cc – 10 cylinders naturally aspirated


507 hp


Automatic, 7 speed


154.000 km

Owners until now

Two owners, current and one previous





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The Story

The BMW M5, with internal development code E60, was the fourth generation of the sportiest sedan within the brand of the propeller. It was presented in 2005, and directly turned from the moment of its presentation, into the fastest four-door sedan in the world (At that time).

There was a family version (Touring), which also became at the time of its presentation, the fastest family saloon in the world.

As we are used to from BMW, it is common that the best – or one of the best – components of a model is its engine. Especially if we talk about a model of the M Motorsport family. The M5 E60 was not going to disappoint at all, and presented a spectacular engine of 10 cylinders in V of 5.000 cubic centimeters of displacement, atmospheric, with a capacity of rotation above 8.000 rpm, variable distribution and a long list of technical solutions that made this engine – designed from scratch in collaboration with the BMW Sauber F1 team – an authentic technical marvel of 507 hp.

Similar to the S54 engine (engine that equipped the M3 E46), this new S85 was awarded by the organization International Engine of the Year, in the following years and categories:

  • 2005 Engine of the year (International Engine of the year)
  • 2006 Engine of the year (International Engine of the year)
  • 2005 Best new engine (Best New Engine)
  • 2005 Best Performance Engine (Best Performance Engine)
  • 2006 Best Performance Engine (Best Performance Engine)
  • 2007 Best Performance Engine (Best Performance Engine)
  • 2005 Best engine larger than 4.0 liters
  • 2006 Best engine larger than 4.0 liters
  • 2007 Best engine larger than 4.0 liters
  • 2008 Best engine larger than 4.0 liters

The BMW M5 E60 unit that we present today for sale at DeliCARtessen, and for which Alejandro Espinosa (@AEG__photography on Instagram)) has done a wonderful and spectacular photo shoot, was delivered in Germany in August 2005 to its first owner, who ordered it to factory equipped with the aforementioned 507 hp S85 engine in combination with the seven-speed Drivelogic manual-piloted gearbox. (Known as SMG-III)

This model could be chosen with a Getrag manual box as an option exclusively in the United States and Canada. In the rest of the world, it would only be delivered with the aforementioned SMG-III transmission.

The chosen color combination was an electric blue color for the exterior (Interlagos Blau Metallic), in contrast with a luminous interior covered in white leather (Merinosilverstone 2) that make up a really striking and spectacular combination.

The car left the factory with the following list of equipment:

  • Fecha de Fabricación: 21-06-2005
  • Color: A30 Interlagos Blau Metallic
  • Tapiceria: LKA9 Leder Merinosilverstone 2
  • S403A: Techo solar eléctrico
  • S415A: Cortinilla trasera eléctrica
  • S416A: Cortinillas para las ventanillas traseras manual
  • S428A: Kit de primeros auxilios y triángulos de emergencia
  • S430A: Espejos retrovisores con oscurecimiento automático
  • S431A: Espejo retrovisor interior, con oscurecimiento automático
  • S496A: Asientos eléctricos, con memoria y calefactables. Asientos traseros calefactables.
  • S502A: Sistema de limpieza de luces frontales
  • S508A: Sensores de aparcamiento delantero y trasero. (PDC)
  • S609A: Sistema de navegación profesional
  • S610A: Proyección de información sobre el cristal delantero – HeadUp Display
  • S620A: Control por voz
  • S737A: Molduras interiores en aluminio cepillado
  • S302A: Alarma
  • S423A: Alfombrillas en Velours
  • S442A: Cup Holder
  • S473A: Reposabrazos delantero
  • S522A: Faros de Xenón
  • S534A: Climatizador automático
  • S540A: Control de velocidad
  • S563A: Paquete de iluminación interior
  • S775A: Headlining Anthracite
  • S785A: Intermitentes en blanco

Subsequently, its current owner installed both the Bluetooth hands-free module and the iPod music interface located in the glove box. In both cases, both original BMW modules were purchased and installed at the official BMW dealership Movilnorte in Madrid.


The car was bought by its first owner, in Germany, in the last quarter of 2005, who owned it for 2 years and 3 months. In February 2008, the car is imported to Spain and acquired by its second and current owner who keeps it until today.

Prior to this name change, its current owner took the vehicle to the official BMW dealer Hispamóvil (Alicante) for a complete checkup. According to this report, provided by its current owner along with an extensive dossier of car maintenance information, the odometer marked 46.474 km at that time.

Its current owner gives us an extensive dossier of invoices and very detailed information on the maintenance carried out during its ownership, highlighting, in chronological order:

  • In April 2008, with 49.159 km, an oil and filter change service was performed at Official BMW dealer Movilnorte. During this same visit, the oil in the gearbox and the differential oil were replaced.
  • In April 2009, with 61.750 km, an oil change service was carried out plus an inspection and general check of the car at the official BMW dealer Movilnorte. In this same visit, the spark plugs, rear brake pads and brake fluid were replaced.
  • In April 2010, with 73.366 km, an oil and filter change service was performed at official BMW dealer Movilnorte.
  • In May 2010, with 75.059 km, a change of front brake pads and cabin filters was done at the official BMW dealer Movilnorte.
  • In February 2011, with 84.950 km, the battery was changed.
  • In July 2011, with 91.177 km, a change of the brake fluid was done at the official BMW dealer Movilnorte.
  • In January 2012, with 98.400 km, an oil and filter change service was performed at official BMW dealer Movilnorte.
  • In August 2012, with 106.000 km, a change of the cabin filter was done.
  • In October 2012, with 106.982 km, the clutch was changed at the official BMW dealership Movilnorte.
  • In January 2014, with 120.763 km, a considerable maintenance job is performed at the official BMW dealer Movilnorte dealership in which the following was done: oil change, change of air and oil filters, change of spark plugs, change of brake pads and rear discs, brake fluid change, gearbox oil change, rear differential oil change and battery change.
  • In January 2016, with 145.969 km, the so called “Inspection-II”, including oil and brake fluid change, was carried out at the official BMW dealer Movilnorte.
  • In August 2018, with 151.274 km, the silentblocks of the front suspension arms were changed at the Rivas MotorSport workshop in Madrid, as well as an alignment to the wheels.

In the same way that its current owner has sent us a dossier of information about the maintenance of the car, he has also provided us with invoices and detailed information on the problems the car has suffered, and the solutions given throughout its life.

It is known that this model has very high-performance mechanics, but that it has some drawbacks that must be taken into consideration. On the one hand, the manual-piloted gearbox SMG-III, although very fast in its performance (65 ms in the fastest mode), is certainly delicate. On the other hand, having an engine that allows turning at such high speeds, involves a high linear speed of the pistons that makes the rod bearings suffer premature wear that the brand did not take into consideration in the design.

This unit was not exempt from both problems:

  • In April 2014, when the car has 129.827 km, the SMG gearbox suffers a breakdown and is repaired at the Dosauto gearbox specialist in Madrid. In this repair, all syncs, the fork, piston and bearing of the second ratio are replaced together with all the seals. The pressure accumulator of the gearbox is also replaced.
  • In February 2017, with approximately 146.000 km one of the rod bearings breaks, and an intervention of the engine is necessary for its repair. In this repair, also carried out in the Dosauto workshop in Madrid, all the rod bearings, the crankshaft, two connecting rods that were affected, oil pump and segments are replaced as well as the distribution chain and its respective tensioners.
  • At this moment, taking advantage of the fact that the engine-transmission combination is accessible, a preventive change is made to the clutch cylinder and the sensor of the gearbox collar.
  • Finally, throughout the year 2018, the workshop specialist in M engines from BMW ( Rivas Motorsport in Madrid), prepares and solves an abnormal consumption of motor oil, which was considered above the usual in this type of engines. The engine block and the oil pump are replaced as a precaution. Preventively the VANOS system was checked, replacing three electrovalves.

Today, the car is perfectly operational, without any failure or problem to be solved, revving really spectacular throughout its entire range.

The car equips Bridgestone Potenza S0001 tires in size 255/40 R19 100Y on the front axle, and Bridgestone Potenza S0001 in size 285/35 R19 99Y on the rear axle. All 4 tires were installed in 2017, when the vehicle had 149.700 km, so they are in a very good condition, still having a long life ahead of them. Photographs of all the tires are attached to the photo gallery, where you can see their uniform wear.

The last change of rear discs and pads was made with 120.763 km, so they are ta about half of their use. In the front side, the discs and pads were changed and also still have a lot of use ahead of them.


The state of the bodywork and the paint of the car, as well as the general condition of the vehicle is just impeccable.

It does not show any impact on any panel, and the paint is in perfect condition, with a lot of shine and no marks of any kind. Some of the panels of the car have been painted in BMW Movilnorte throughout its life, such as front and rear bumper or boot lid, but no differences in the tonalities in any of the panels can be observed.

The car has been completely detailed in specialized workshops three times throughout its life. The first (full interior and exterior) in 2008 at the time of purchase, the second (full interior + polished exhaust + cleaning of the engine) in 2014, and the last (full exterior + full interior) carried out recently in a very satisfactory way by Mr. Cap in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid).

The car remains strictly standard, without any modifications on the body or on the inside.


It took us a lot of effort to find a negative point to highlight on this unit.

The tires, which are usually one of the most common and frequent weak points, are in a very good condition. We can only highlight in this section, a slight break in the front windshield, the result of the impact of a stone. Although even this point, has been repaired in the company CarGlass.


From the legal point of view, as can be seen in the report extracted from the DGT that would be delivered to the buyer, the vehicle is perfectly legal for circulation. It does not show any issues, and the mileage readings carried out in the different ITV coincide in time with the history and invoices contributed by its owner.


Yes, it is true that the mechanics of this model are delicate. Although in the case of this particular unit, it has its points of failure completely resolved and it is fully available to enjoy from the first minute without investing anything in it.

Yes, it is also true that it is a car with high fuel consumption. But the car returns to you in the form of smiles and driving pleasure, each drop of gas you consume.

Putting all these parameters on the table, the handling and sublime behavior that it offers, level of security, equipment, composure, the supremacy that this M5 offers on the road, and above all, the absolutely impeccable state in which this unit is, this seems to us a very interesting opportunity to own one of the future automotive icons.

The M5 E60 market reached historical lows in price relatively recently, but it is already a valued model, and has begun its price increase. We believe that, being the last BMW that the division ///M Motorsport offered with an atmospheric engine – and what an engine! – we are convinced that its revaluation will be high in the future.

At this point we reach the end of this post, and we leave you with a small video to enjoy that was made by us of this particular unit. After that you will find an extensive collection of photos of the car, many professionally shot by Alejandro Espinosa (@AEG__photography on Instagram). Enjoy!

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